warm hearts/boxes of love initiative

This initiative provides boxes containing food, warm clothes, blankets, toys, books, masks and hand sanitizer to needy families, as well as to the families of children with cancer in the Nablus region during the cold winter months. Donate here!

Smiling Faces Summer Camps


These camps take place at various school campuses in the Nablus region of the West Bank.  They offer children, ages 8-14, sports and artistic activities, as well as healthy hot meals and occasional bus trips around the West Bank.

Winter camps

These are after-school programs that include art, traditional dance, and help with school work.

zunnar singing group

This group of older women sings and performs traditional Palestinian songs.

Music studio

PHF’s recording studio gives children, adolescents, and young adults the opportunity to compose, record, and broadcast their own instrumental and vocal music.

creative entrepreneurship

Children and adolescents receive training in developing entrepreneurial projects in a variety of areas (recycling, art, design, environment, etc.).  Competitions are held occasionally where young entrepreneurs can share their projects.

cultural spaces

Spaces are set aside for cultural projects in Nablus and surrounding villages. Mariam’s House is an example of a cultural space. This restored house in the village of Asira al Shamaliya offers traditional Palestinian foods and artistic crafts to neighbors and visitors.

skate board park

skatepark girl

Constructed by PHF’s Scottish partner, SkatePal, and other international volunteers, the Park gives children and adolescents a place where they can learn, practice, and improve their skate boarding skills.

art gallery

Three rooms in PHF’s office space currently exhibit the work of 24 artists in the community.  The long-term goal is to start a “Friendship Gallery in Palestine” where young painters will have a place to show their work.

green hands initiative

This new initiative teaches children how to plant, nurture, and harvest native plants and also to care for the Palestinian land.

guardian angel initiative

This provides outreach to hospitalized children with cancer.  In collaboration with An Najah Hospital, PHF offers entertainment (clowns, balloons) and books to sick children, as well as emotional support for their parents and other family members.


PHF offers classes in English and computer science to interested students.

girl scouts

The PHF Girl Scout troop provides support to elderly people, helps local farmers with their harvest, and works on environmental projects.  It is affiliated with the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS).

e-learning programs

In collaboration with the Palestinian Ministry of Education, PHF’s e-learning programs help high school students keep up with their school work during lockdowns by giving them computers and an online connection to their teachers.

traditional embroidery and handcrafts

Clothing, bags and wall hangings created with traditional designs by women in the PHF community.