The American Friends of PHF, Northampton, MA

Holds fundraisers for PHF and promotes the organization online and in the Northeast US.

The Advocacy Project, Washington, DC
A non-profit organization that helps marginalized communities to tell their stories, claim their rights and produce social change. Deployed a Peace Fellow to PHF in 2015 and is their fiscal sponsor in the United States.

World Vision, Nablus Branch

E-learning programs in the villages of Beit Fourik (2 years) and Zawata (1 year). These programs will continue in 2017, depending on continued funding from World Vision. World Vision has already contributed 34 computers to the schools in those two villages, and PHF has trained the students and teachers of different subjects in e-learning techniques so they can interact electronically.

SkatePal, Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Their volunteers built a skateboard park (according to professional international standards) in Asira in 2015, and they are now engaged in training children and adolescents in this sport. Their long-term plan is to train young people from Asira who will then be able to train children in other villages. SkatePal does its own fundraising for this program, although PHF arranges for volunteers to be housed and fed while they are in Asira.

Playgrounds for Palestine, Yardley, Pennsylvania
This foundation has installed playground equipment in a park in Asira, and PHF has contributed additional equipment (swings, see-saws, and benches) to the playground. PHF is also applying to PfP for additional play equipment. Maintenance and repairs in the playground are a shared responsibility of PHF and the Municipality of Asira.

The municipality of Asira al Shamaliya, Asira, West Bank, Palestine

The Municipality donated land for parks, shares management and financial responsibility for these parks with PHF, and shares the organization of cultural events with PHF.

Ministry of Education/Palestinian Authority, Ramallah

The Ministry provides access to school space in Nablus and Asira for summer camps and facilitates managerial implementation of e-learning programs in the villages of Beit Fourik and Zawata.

Red Crescent, Asira Branch

They supply PHF with young male and female volunteers for the summer camps. They also provide health evaluations for all participants in the summer camps. And they provide volunteers for community cultural events.

In Place of War, Manchester University, UK
They have provided some entrepreneurial training workshops for PHF staff.