Our VisionCampers 8

To support resilience-enhancing educational, cultural and recreational programs for children and young people growing up in the West Bank under the occupation.

Our Mission

It is PHF’s mission to provide an example for all Palestinians of what it means to be a compassionate, democratic, creative, and loving human being. The organization hopes to create a state of mind that will guide Palestine into the future.

While its programs may change in response to a changing environment, its goals remain the same:

  • To attend to the physical and mental health of the Nablus community and its environs
  • To provide tools for creating a democratic civil society based on compassion and love of the other
  • To encourage creative expression that preserves traditional Palestinian culture including crafts, music, poetry, and dance
  • To care for children and youth who will become future leaders of Palestine
  • To provide children and youth with a balance of recreation and educational experiences
  • To reach beyond the region of Nablus to form alliances on the basis of human rights