Thank you so much for supporting the work of PHF.

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Please make checks out to EA-PHF (or EarthAction-PHF) and mail them to Fran Miller, P.O. Box 357, South Royalton VT 05068.

The Palestinian House of Friendship (PHF), now in its 28th year, offers summer activities and winter after-school programs to children, adolescents, and their families in Nablus on the West Bank, as well as in the nearby village of Asira al Shamaliya. 

PHF’S main focus in 2022 has been children and families in need. Between the pandemic and the Israeli occupation, life has been very difficult. Covid caused so many to lose their jobs permanently, and PHF has tried to mitigate the financial and emotional loss by creating spaces for play, education, and basic needs. “Boxes of Love” sent during the winter were essential to the survival of about 1500 families. Children also received after-school help and recreation at PHF’s offices every Saturday.

The music studio funded by an American supporter is important to PHF’s young people. They have frequent “competitions” to encourage them to develop their talents, and the results are then recorded. Seventy percent of these young musicians are girls. One of their themes is “Yalla n’rami” or “Let’s Sing”; another is “Roots”. The women’s chorus has also greatly expanded!

Miriam’s House in Asira offers a venue for special occasions, for women’s meetings and for children, and it is open two or three times a week. PHF is planning more than 40 different projects for the next three to five years. One called the “Guardian Angels” is designed to support children with cancer.

PHF now has two full-time employees who implement projects under the leadership of Majed Sawalha. Majed is the son of Mohammed Sawalha, founder, and director of PHF, who is still very involved in PHF. In addition, there are 900 active volunteers sustaining PHF, who provide both material support and also help the children become more worldly by introducing them to other cultures.

Thank you for your generous contribution to our fall fundraising campaign, where we are raising an additional $20,000; it will be put to very good use!

EarthActiona non-profit educational organization with 501(c)3 charitable tax status, is the parent organization and fiscal sponsor of the American Friends of the Palestinian House of Friendship (AFPHF) in the United States. All donations to the Palestinian House of Friendship (PHF) are administered through AFPHF and are tax-deductible and should come through EarthAction. The AFPHF board and their supporters help PHF raise funds and promote the organization in the United States.